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Information about grants

There are grants for registration aimed at participants who submit a scientific work and for students from UJA. These grants will be assigned in strict order of registration and communicated by e-mail to beneficiaries with the confirmation of fee exemption. If you have submitted a scientific work to the Congress or you are a student from UJA (national one and international students) can have the right of obtaining a GRANT by the University, fill in the registration document that you will find in the registration section of this web but do not pay the registration until the secretary’s office contact you to inform if you have got a grant or must pay the fee for registration.

Certificate of achievement for students UJA

Students from the University of Jaen can get a Certificate of achievement of the Congress by attending the Congress; moreover, students from UJA can request recognition of 0,5 free configuration credits.


  • Register and pay the registration (except grantees)
  • Send the Test of Global Assessment of the Congress. This test consists of an abstracts of contents and opinion concerning the five round tables developed in the Congress (send in pdf a, deadline for submitting the test the 3rd of June 2018).
  • After the communication of the assessment test, you can request the recognition of free configuration credits according to the procedure of UJA.

For the rest of participants interested in obtaining a certificate of attendance to the Congress, they can ask for it on the reception desk from the Iberian Museum at the beginning of the Congress.